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Angstrom Conversion

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Angstrom, unit of measure

An Angstrom or Aangstroem (the official transliteration), or Angstrom or any combination of standard and special characters, (symbol Å) is a non-SI unit of length that is internationally recognised. It is sometimes used expressing the size of atoms, lengths of chemical bonds and visible-light spectra. For an example of lengths in this unit, the average diameter of an atom, calculated from its empirical radius, ranges from approximately 0.5 Å for hydrogen (the smallest element) to 3.8 Å for uranium (the largest naturally occurring element on earth). The Angstrom is named after the Swedish physicist Anders Jonas Angstrom (1814-1874), one of the founders of spectroscopy. From 1927 to 1960, the Angstrom was a secondary unit of length for use in spectroscopy, defined separately from the meter, which was still defined based on a physical prototype. In 1960, the meter itself was redefined in spectroscopic terms, making the Angstrom obsolete.
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