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Cubit (UK) Conversion

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Cubit (UK), unit of measure

Cubit is the name for any one of many units of measure used by various ancient peoples and is among the first recorded units of length. The Cubit is possibly based on the forearm length of an average person, and the Egyptian hieroglyph for the unit shows this symbol. It was employed consistently for measuring products like timber, stone, cords and textiles through Antiquity, the Middle-Ages up to the Early Modern Times. The earliest known cubit is the Egyptian cubit of 28 digits (523/4mm, 20.6"), and other cubit measures, often divided into 24 digits, or 6 palms of 4 digits are known from Antiquity. From late Antiquity, a Roman cubit of 16 palms, which is about 120 cm, was also used. This length is the measure from a man's hip to the fingers of the outstretched opposite arm. Since the ulna is approximately 1/4 of this length (30 cm or 12 inches), this Roman cubit was considered highly practical for quickly measuring textiles or cords over the elbow.
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